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GWM serves Williamsburg as a convener of churches, community businesses, and organizations working to create unity and see God’s purposes for the Williamsburg area flourish. Please submit events or initiatives that your church or organization is doing to move us towards these goals so we can help others know.


Email us and we will get back to you. We cannot post everything we are asked to—there would be information overload!—but we look forward to seeing Williamsburg mobilized for positive transformation with as many opportunities as we are able.


** If your church or organization is not a GWM partner, we hope you’ll contact us so we can find out more about you and your event. In our focus to work in biblical unity, posted events will not advocate any particular Christian doctrine that divides the Christian church, nor will we post events that seek to influence voting outcomes or are political in their intent.



Racial Healing


At Greater Williamsburg Movement, we grieve over the senseless and brutal deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd in recent days. We have seen the choreography of evil in our streets and in the human heart that has caused these senseless tragedies. We grieve over the depth of our own individual and societal sin.


We affirm the Imago Dei, image of God, in every person. We affirm that we, as the community of faith, must model the unity across racial lines that Jesus prayed for and died for.


We deepen our resolve to act as peacemakers and boldly foster unity in cities globally. We commit ourselves to an ethic of justice as a measurable expression of our love. We resolve to act in practical ways that reflect our resolve to love one another in the good news of the gospel. We resolve to never cease in prayer.


Our way forward:

  • Lament – we weep with those who weep in this time of great sorrow and agony

  • Listen – we commit to invest time in listening to understand the pain of others

  • Learn – we ask God to teach us what we need to know in this season

Lead – God, give us the strength and courage to respond prophetically and practically


As we dedicate ourselves to build loving and trusting relationships among all of churches in our community, we look forward to the day we can confidently declare to Jesus that we are One as he prayed in John 17 on the night prior to his crucifixion: 

 22 The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, 23 I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me. 


Save the Date

Greater Williamsburg Movement DAY 2020

As part of Virginia Cities Movement Day 2020

Friday evening, November 13

Saturday morning, November 14

Greater Williamsburg Churches Offer COVID19 Testing

Join Together to Pray for Our Community

Each Friday, 12:00 PM

Come and pray, request prayer, or just listen. This always ends by 1:00 PM, but we know how busy so many are.  So stay as long as you can and leave when you need to.


Connect with Zoom:

Movement Day Virginia Cities Prayer and Resource Update Zoom Meets every Saturday from 8:30-9:30 AM


Kids Without Computers and Schools Closed

The sudden “stay at home, we’re going online for the rest of the school year” in Spring 2020 showed the gaping holes that exist for many children who do not have either computers or internet in their homes. 


GWM shared this with Ameriprise Financial Advisors, who began gathering 50 refurbished Chrome Books to provide free to children needing them for the 2020-21 school year. Partner churches are identifying families and will distribute them to children this summer. 


This is community working together in one way to help navigate the coming unknowns so our children continue their education and transform communities. Would your church or business like to gather the next 5 computers to give 5 more local children what they will need to do school this fall?

Recent Zoom Meetings on Racial Healing

Thursday, May 14, from 2:00 - 3:00 PM:  Movement Day US City Leaders Gathering

Bishop Claude Alexander, who was our keynote speaker at Greater Williamsburg Movement Day 2019.  He is the pastor of Park Church in Charlotte where he is also a leader of the Charlotte Movement organization. Bishop Alexander is the former President of the Hampton Minister’s Conference, one of the largest clergy bodies
in the world. He was also the primary organizer of R400 – a September, 2019 gathering to reflect on the 400-year history of slavery and the next 400 years toward a redemptive future. He spoke to the Congress of African Presidents in 2019. 


These others will also be joining us to highlight racial reconciliation activity in cities across America.

Justin Giboney is founder of the Churches Helping Churches Campaign.  Justin is an attorney based in the Atlanta area and leads an effort called the “& Campaign”

Garland Hunt (One Race, Atlanta) 

Clarence Hill (Stronger Together, Oklahoma City)

Saturday, May 16, 8:30 - 9:30 AM: Movement Day Virginia Cities Prayer and Update Meeting


Dr. Mac Pier (the founder of Movement Day) will interview Bishop Claude Alexander, who will be sharing perspective and insights addressing current and historic racial tensions, and will be available for some Q & A as well.. Click Join Zoom Meeting below  just before 8:30 AM to join this meeting or use call in number for voice only.

Saturday, May 30, 8:30 - 9:30 AM:  Movement Day Virginia Cities Prayer and Update Meeting


The focus of this meeting was how to bring together an understanding of the meaning of Pentacost, Gospel Centered prayer movements, and the concurrent crises of the coronavirus pandemic and the many reactions to the recent brutal racially based murders of two black men. 

Dr. Mac Pier shared his thoughts on how we can biblically relate these to each other and Tom White shared from his experience leading prayer movements around the world and the effects they have had in healing broken communities.

Saturday, June 6, 8:30 - 9:30 AM:  Movement Day Virginia Cities Prayer and Update Meeting

Our speaker today was Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin, the US Director for American Bible Society.

Nicole is a dynamic young leader who will be sharing with us the Trauma Healing program that they have developed that is having a huge impact around the world. 1.3 million people have already encountered God's word through this Trauma Healing program, and it has been translated or is in the process of being translated into 173 different languages... Learn more here:

Saturday, June 13, 2020:  Movement Day Virginia Cities Prayer and Update Call Recording 

A Conversation with an Anglo and an African American pastor about Building trust across racial lines

Saturday, June 20, 2020:  Movement Day Virginia Cities Prayer and Update Call Recording 

A conversation with Mayor Wilson Goode of Philadelphia and local City leaders.  Woodrow Wilson Goode Sr. (born August 19, 1938) is a former Mayor of Philadelphia and the first African American to hold that office.

Saturday, June 27, 2020:

This call was centered on a viewing and some sharing of responses to an excellent video by Dr. Timothy Keller on what Scripture has to say about Systemic Racism:

Racism and Corporate Evil: A White Guy’s Perspective – Tim Keller (2017):

Another excellent video of an evening that Tim Keller did with Bryan Stevenson follows – this one covers the Biblical view of justice more broadly and includes Byran Stevenson’s excellent sharing about his experiences (see also the movie about his life “Just Mercy”, which I understand is free on streaming services through the end of the month):


Grace, Justice, & Mercy: An Evening with Bryan Stevenson & Rev. Tim Keller (2016):

Here is the recording from this Virginia Cities Prayer and Update Call ( based upon the Keller Video)

Jun 27, 2020

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Khary Bridgewater shared his Capital Renewal Investment Plan

This is a visionary program (see attached PDF) whose purpose is to make significant investments into black communities, institutions and businesses in order to help build the capacity of black churches, black community-based organizations, and black-owned businesses and to facilitate long-term growth of local black economies, which have often lacked access to capital resources and the infrastructure that would allow them to thrive. This plan could potentially be a game-changer for advancing wealth creation and the flourishing of portions of our community who have long lacked access to needed resources… Glenn Carrington, the Dean of the Norfolk State Business School will also join the conversation with Dr. Pier and Khary Bridgewater.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

One of our local heroes, Kevin Turpin, shared with us about the impact of literacy tutoring

Kevin founded the Life Enrichment Center in Norfolk in 2003, and what began as an effort to help 20-30 students in a few Norfolk schools has spread throughout Hampton Roads, and even extended to Richmond and Alexandria Public Schools, impacting 15,000 students this year. Over 2,000 tutors from churches, businesses, and the community have participated in tutoring, including 100 law enforcement officers throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Robert Stephens and Leahmarie Gottlieb informed us about St. Paul's Community Development Corporation in Norfolk, VA

The St. Paul’s CDC is designed to support private sector/private nonprofit and public human services organizations committed to person-centered, outcomes-based, data-driven work that advances racial equity using generational, whole family approaches. The CDC will partner and learn with organizations that go beyond traditional human services delivery methods and move toward new ways to create permanent pathways to economic empowerment. 

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Community Renewal Capital Investment Plan

Khary Bridgewater returned to give us more details about this visionary program whose purpose is to make significant investments into black communities, institutions and businesses. The goal is to help build the capacity of black churches, black community-based organizations, and black-owned businesses to facilitate long-term growth of local black economies, which have often lacked access to capital resources and the infrastructure that would allow them to thrive. This plan will be a game-changer for advancing wealth creation and the flourishing of portions of our community who have long lacked access to needed resources

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Men of Vision and Purpose

Archie Jefferson and William Capers, founders of Men of Vision and Purpose -- a highly regarded mentoring program for middle and high school  youth of color in the Williamsburg area shared details of this amazingly effective program.  They are also co-authors of Failure to Launch - Managing Oneself through Failure which is available on Amazon.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Power of Prayer

Eric Scalise, Ph.D., LPC, LMFT, was our guest presenter.  He is the President of LIV Consulting, LLC. He currently serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) with Hope For The Heart, an international Christian counseling ministry offering biblical hope and practical help. He is also the former Senior Vice President for the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and former Department Chair for Counseling Programs at Regent University. 

Barna Group ChurchPulse Weekly Podcast (Live version)

Each Monday, 3:00-4:00 PM

Each week this podcast reports on the results of their weekly national poll of pastors as to how their church is doing during this pandemic.  Then their are two or three interviews of leaders who can provide resources to churches for coping with current challenges. To watch use the link below and and selectn either the “watch live” button at 3 PM or view one of the previous episodes.

Stand Together Foundation

Stand Together Foundation supports social entrepreneur-led nonprofits that effectively deliver personal transformation and remove barriers for individuals in poverty. Their goal is simple – to help these organizations help more people.



The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act provides funding for churches, non-profits, and small businesses to sustain them during this pandemic and the resulting financial crisis. This must be done through a bank.  Most of the banks in our area are now able to take applications. Read about more detailed information and current updates on Representative Rob Whitman's site.

Safe Families for Children

Founded in 2003, Safe Families for Children surrounds families in crisis with caring, compassionate community. A volunteer-driven nonprofit that provides hope and support to families in our local communities. Located in 70 cities across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and beyond,  motivated by faith to keep children safe and families intact.

Give Together Now

Give Together Now is a rapid-response emergency cash assistance fund launched for the express purpose of getting cash into the hands of eligible households negatively impacted by steps being taken to contain COVID-19. Our immediate goal is to raise a minimum of $10 million. Achieving that goal will provide $500 to 20,000 eligible households.

Greater Williamsburg Movement offers guideline and assistance for live digital worship and communication options for area churches.

The attached document has been prepared by Isaac Davis of IDS Studios as a basic guide to learn how to do streaming of video and meetings using commonly available tools on the internet. This may prove helpful for churches and individuals seeking to take the first steps (or additional steps) to connect with church members, family, or friends.

One of the things that churches have been finding useful with these tools is the ability to have two-way interaction while they stream services, for example. Using the chat features, leaders have been able to individually recognize people who are listening to the livestream, to answer questions, and to better understand how people are doing and what their concerns are. Some larger churches are also having staff or volunteers available to answer questions and even pray with people or provide more detailed ministry as a result of these connections. This feedback and ability to connect not only with church members, but also those who may be connecting for the first time is a benefit that live streaming can offer over pre-recording services. 

Virginia Cities Movement Day Digital Meetings Every Saturday

4/4/20  Prayers today were specifically for the health care providers on the front lines and for those who a suffering from a COVID 19 infection. Following this the group heard from the national leadership of concerning initiatives they have and are creating in response to this epidemic.  The several national organizations that also are providing resources for churches described their initiatives for the group. More detail and links for all these resource listed on this page.

4/11/20  Prayers today were for our government leaders world wide at all levels as they are faced with difficult daily decisions during this pandemic. Additional resources for churches identified and examples of information that churches participating in the Barna ChurchPulse Crisis Toolkit will receive from national and local polls they are participating in.

4/18/20 Prayer and sharing today focused upon the impacts that the COVID 19 epidemic is having on the education system and the teachers, administrators, students and parents. There was good discussion afterwards on current needs, particularly among less advantaged students and families, who face extra challenges at home and may not have computer equipment or access to the internet to be able to participate in online instruction.

4/25/20 This week’s call highlighted some best practices using “digital tools” to more effectively engage both with church members and with those who may be seekers or curious people visiting online services for the first time. How do we more effectively engage those who visit us virtually, and how do we think about discipleship in this digitally connected age?

Jurie Kriel, the International Director of Movement Day’s NXTMove, and a pastor of a church plant in San Antonio TX joined us, as did Tyler Prieb, who is Chief of Staff and Creative Director at NYC’s Church in the City, and Ashley Zahorian, who is the Founder and CEO of CMax Media, headquartered in Norfolk, VA.

5/2/20 This week’s call highlighted Nena Ugwuomo, founder of Student Dream , who shared with us her vision for impacting the historic problem of a lack of wealth accumulation particularly among communities of color. She began working with college students, helping them develop financial literacy and teaching them how to start their own businesses so that they could both build generational wealth and develop resources to be able to have an impact in transforming lives and the communities in which they live. Dr. Mac Pier facilitated this discussion, and there was significant interest in the call around this topic. Some local pastors and leaders were also introduced who are working on similar things. Stephanie Gorham for Volunteer Hampton Roads, as well as Krishna from the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center and Nicole from the YWCA also shared what their organizations are doing to meet needs in the community. Here is the meeting link:

5/9/20 This week's call began with a wonderful devotional by  Willard Maxwell, an interview by Mac Pier with Gary Frost, a longtime friend of Mac’s and National director of March for Jesus. The chat log is included in the recording, so that you can access the links that were shared. We encourage you to invite your friends to join the call next week as Bishop Claude Alexander will be with us for the first half of the call – don’t miss it!


Note that you can fast forward through the time that we were in Breakout Rooms for Prayer from about 13 ½  minutes to about 24 minutes. Also, if you had to leave at 9:30, there was some good interaction with Gary after the meeting officially ended…


5/16/20 - Current  The information and their links that focused on racial healing for the weeks since 5/12 is shown in "Recent Zoom Meetings on Racial Healing" within the "News You Can Use" section at the beginning of this page.


Eric Thompson interviewed Cindy Hahne from Serve the City (Peninsula). 

Serve the City is an organization founded by Carlton Deal (who is from the 757) that is operating in cities all over the world, with the goal of providing an opportunity for church congregations to engage in service together to express the love of God in practical ways to their communities. 

8/29/20 Spiritual Warfare 

Christine Rand and Cheryl Wood from Dunamis Prayer Ministry shared with us about there leadership in teaching and coaching churches in prayer in combatting spiritual warfare.

9/5/20 Building Bridges with the Police and Prayer Walking Initiatives

Eric McCaskill shared about one aspect of his life's work in Newport News working with Police and in particular the community of Aquaduct - especially focused on the youth - seeking to build bridges of understanding between youth and Police, and to instill virtues in the youth.


Ron Atkinson and Veronica shared about the prayerwalking initiatives that they have been undertaking, and how God has been moving in those times as they come each week, honoring those who live there and are community leaders.

9/12/20 Churches Loving Schools

Melanie Lee described the remarkable, multifaceted, highly succesful  initiative she has developed for her church to adopt and love schools. 

9/19/20 The History and Vision of "March for Jesus" in Norfolk

The March for Jesus began in the US in 1989, and in our region two brothers, Bishop Cleveland Brown and Pastor Clinton Brown, have been on the forefront of organizing and leading over 20 years of marches. As we heard recently from Gary Frost (National Executive Director) the March for Jesus Movement has found a new vision and purpose. The brothers and a group of praying individuals have felt led to lead a March on October 25th. The March will begin at Harbor Park and follow a 1/2 mile route to City Hall. 

9/26/20 A Time for Repentance

As we as individuals, as families, as a church, as a community, and as a nation walk through this difficult time, we hear the call of the Lord beckoning us to humble ourselves and to draw near to Him together as brothers and sisters - to seek His face and His forgiveness....this is a time of lament for the brokenness and for the divisiveness we see all around us - we do, indeed, need the Lord to intervene! 


Rev. Claude Marshall will be sharing a devotion from 2 Chronicles 7:14 and guiding us as we look at the subject of repentance and how it is a doorway to breakthroughs in the Spirit for individuals, families, churches, communities and nations... We are looking forward to this and to having an opportunity to pray with and for one another and our families, churches, communities and nation(s)

Churches Helping Churches

From their website: "We want all churches to flourish! The focus on the direct aid is churches that serve low-income communities in urban areas that have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 crisis."


There is no question that Christian churches are called to assist each other in times of need. Without assistance many small churches serving vulnerable populations will be severely affected. Learn more on their website.

ChurchPulse COVID-19 Crisis Tool Kit

Two trusted resources, Barna and Gloo have joined forces to provide churches with a FREE set of digital tools that will allow your church to check the well-being (pulse) of your congregation using a very brief survey instrument. It provides instant feedback to each congregant and actionable summary reports to your church leadership.  

We strongly endorse this tool kit which revolutionizes technology, data science, and analytics to serve and strengthen your people and church..

There is no obligation for claiming a tool kit.  UsE any of the tools as you feel will best meet your needs. Be sure to identify Greater Williamsburg Movement as your network when you sign up. This will allow all of us to see our community's "pulse" in aggregate.

Also pastors complete a very brief questionnaire weekly on how they and their church is doing and then have access to the national results. To see a sample click on the PDF icon. -- Online Giving Tool for Churches

Increase giving. Grow your church. helps you increase giving and engagement with tools built for churches and ministries.

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